Dental Crowns

Designed to restore natural teeth

Are you afraid to smile openly because you fear the way your teeth look like? Do not worry you are one of many cases that relay on Oasis Dental Tijuana to seek for help  and once and for all  to gain your confidence back to smile again. We offer many dental procedures that are in reality life changing since we count on one of the best dentist in Tijuana. The crown and bridge treatment has a very natural look to it and can’t really notice the difference between a real tooth and a crown since we have this procedure done by dentist with many years of experience. Which make your dental procedure results with a quality and warranted system we offer suit best for our patient’s benefits, since our main priority is the well being of every individual that come to our clinic to get treated with us.

What happens on my fist visit to Oasis Dental?

The procedure starts the day of your appointment; our dentists in Tijuana will evaluate your case and explain to you the best option for you, once you have approved the treatment plan we have to offer you we will start to perform it using material for your crowns of your selection. Once done we will be sending your impressions of your mouth to our laboratory for processing. After your crowns are cemented permanently, the use and function of your teeth will be almost immediate, even after mounting on a dental implant.

Dental Crown Options

In our dental office in Tijuana, Mexico we create very natural looking crowns and by the selection of the material you choose to go with for you treatment the better your results will be. Here are the materials we offer to have these crowns done:

Are crowns with metal interior and exterior color of the tooth, recommended only in the posterior.

The advantage is that they have a color very similar to the natural color of teeth, one of the best options for teeth.

More resilient and aesthetic, by far the best choice.